Let's Make Something

I am currently a senior Film and Media Production/Systems major at Taylor University in Indiana. My film and media production degree has given me a lot of relevant skills for working in a digital world, from multi-camera production to editing best-practices and a lot in between. My systems studies gave me a broad grasp of skills in computer-programming, web design, and business relationship practices.
I am constantly teaching myself and learning from the people around me. My knowledge in many areas has helped me to be an observant problem-solver and think outside of the box in multiple environments. 
Here is my 2017 video reel:
You can also download my resume here or check it out below.
I love to get coffee with people, whether it's a friend, a client, or another artist. 
Feel free to contact me with the form below, shoot me an email at loganjevans@outlook.com, or follow my social media accounts at the top of this page. 
Thank you!